Saturday, November 24, 2007

melancholy moon

The beaver moon as shot through John’s telescope.

Attributes of patience and process become a rather aching progression that I have not found time to prefect. This full moon shines bright in the sky but marks another melancholy night of waiting.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Silent Retreat

Friday evening till Sunday noon. No voices. (Thought it might be led be ex-librarians!)

Still got to run. I just got back from my silent retreat run and am sitting down at my room desk. I tired to run very silently! I seldom take an iPod. I certainly did not today. I like the silence, the solitude of the time. I admit that it has gotten harder. Life has gotten busier, and time fuller. I skip more days than I would like to. I suppose I need to appreciate the discipline of doing something I don’t always “feel” that I like to do. I like being admired as a “runner!” People have lots of questions when you tell them you run. “How far?” “Do you do marathons?” “What is your favorite place to run?” “Have you always run?” Reality is I run around my pond and come home. It is less than three miles, and I almost always walk some of it.

There is some spiritual connection for me though. Certainly I connect it with my own wellness and sanity. After Randi died is when I started. It seemed to be a better alternative than depression. The runs are almost always coupled with memories, with thoughts, and with prayers. But I also connect the observations. Many times the observation comes home in the form of a picture. The blog often becomes an outlet for some words.

I am now recognizing that even the photography is a form of prayer for me. Prayer seems to have less and less to do with words.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hard Frost Morning

Geese were making decisions about swimming or standing on ice this early morning.