Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Running and Prayer

Thanks for the following Jason! 

From an interview with the Presiding Bishop, the Episcopal Church, New York

How do you feel running helps with your work? Do you like to use the time to brainstorm or solve issues?

Absolutely. It's focusing for me. In my tradition we might talk about it as body prayer. It's a meditative experience at its best. It's a sort of emptying of the mind. That's probably why I prefer running in the wilds rather than in the middle of the city.

I like the thought of emptying of the mind. I have always sensed that the running really is a form of prayer for me. I may not have yet discovered all the words that I would like to put to it, but this is a good start. 

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Michael Monroe

Got to hear one of long time favorites Friday night. Check out his myspace here Michael Monroe. I first heard Michael in a living room at a Young Life club in Cedar Falls, IA.  In 1975. Now he lives in a cabin near Grand Marais, MN,

I recently listened to an interview with  Leo Kottke who talked about being “in concert.” I normally think of the term as referring to a show with a time and a place. Kottke described being in concert in deeper terms. The theosuaus lines up words for concert like; together, jointly, in combination, in collaboration, in cooperation, in league, side by side; in unison and in harmony. Leo spoke of an energy that he can feel coming right through the floor that flows between him and the audience. For him, that is when he knows he is in concert.

Listening to Michael’s music was indeed an in concert experience entwining the audience in a breathing spiritual life calming joy.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Dinner with Dad

Dad, Gizmo, a mystery Santa, and one wild elf!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Advent / Showing Up

I went to “Bud’s” funeral yesterday, the dad of long time friend. The funeral put words to a ministry that I have been trying to explain. Bud’s kids summarized their parents life with these words, “They show up.” When a fence needed to be put up, they showed up, when a baby was born, when someone was in the hospital, they showed up, if someone was in need, they showed up. What amazing words to hear at the beginning of advent, our time of waiting. In a world of need some where in a stable, some long time ago, Jesus shows up. 

Milestones ministry is often talked about from our institute as tending the baptismal journey. It is a way of recognizing the meaningful, memorable, moments in the lives of our kids, honoring these moments by naming God’s presence, blessing this time, gathering with in the midst of generations and often marking this with a gift for continuing faith. As milestones ministry is a significant way for passing on faith to our children and youth, I think it is also a way of caring for our neighbor.

The words “showing up” is also about milestones ministry. Showing up ministry requires an awareness of of needs and joys, observation and sensibility to know when to show up and intentionality that values showing up as vital ministry. Showing up requires putting aside cultures narcissistic, too busy,stressed out, tendencies and allows us to care for our neighbors. Showing up is an outreach ministry that needs not change the other. It simply reflects loving others because of God first loving us. Naming, blessing, gathering and gifting, the outline for tending the baptism milestones does not change for the showing up milestones.  

So, advent arrives. We wait for Christ to show up. It is very likely that Christ’s showing up will be recognized only when the Christ in us (me, if I listen to my own words) moves out into the midst of our neighborhoods, classmates, colleagues, communities, and into the world, showing up honoring the life’s joys and sorrows.

from weekend training... 
Maybe Peer Ministers understand even better than I the importance of showing up!

Nathan at the Varsity

Cold, Small turn out for a late Monday night... but he sounded great!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

San Francisco

Marvelous group... 

Wrote prayers on luminaries that then lined the labyrinth 

Kids "Wheated" on Pier 39 only to meet Santa (works for Macy's!)