Thursday, August 18, 2016


 In honor or RANDI

One summer in the late 1970's Randi and I stayed a week extra at camp to earn some spending money for college. Late in the afternoon after burning some disgusting stuffed furniture from the staff lounge, Randi suggested we drive into Strawberry Point and buy a cantaloupe and bring it back to camp. I wasn't much of a fruit eater (I'm better now) but agreed. We cut it in half, scooped out the seeds, and filled the middle part with vanilla ice cream. (I've always been a fan of ice cream) Then we sat outside Cedar Lodge on the the benches and had a refreshing treat. I had never had it before, and still enjoy it today.  

Flash forward ahead almost 40 years to the summer of 2016. I was a camp grandpa at Ewalu and camped with Mark and Jill Davidson at family camp for a couple of nights. They often host a staff supper on Friday evening after counsellors finish camp work projects. I asked Mark if we could drive into Strawberry Point. Now you know where this going... They had 3 cantaloupes in Strawberry Point, which I bought along with 2 buckets of vanilla ice cream. I told the story of Randi and I enjoying cantaloupe and ice cream after burning stuffed furniture, and we served cantaloupe and ice cream to the staff of 45-50 guests. Many commented that they had never had them together before and it was very refreshing. No cantaloupe left over.