Friday, April 03, 2009

The Careless Farmer

Early morning coffee is the best!

As it happens so often I over assume biblical story is all about me. Mathew 13 contains the parable about the sower and the seed. I have always heard the story from the perspective of the soil, hoping that I am the good dirt that the seed can grow in. But, when the emphasis is given to the Sower the story takes on whole new meanings.

The Sower has a bag of seed. We always assume bags of seed can run out, thus should be used wisely and planted where we know it has the best chance to grow. But, not this Sower! This Sower throws it everywhere, to everybody, good soil, rocky soil, thorny soil; everybody gets in on the free seed deal.

 Maybe that supply of seed is not endless. Maybe the supply doesn’t need to be conserved. Maybe it (“It” being what? God’s unlimited grace and love?) can be shared with all. Maybe even those of us that end up with seed that doesn’t always do so well with growing it still get it, lots of it!

 That sower seems to be a bit careless, hapless, and not very concerned about aiming. The Sower is not one bit careful with where it gets thrown. Maybe this story is mostly about this seemingly wasteful Sower.

 And me? Keep wasting some seed on me please! I never even notice most of it, some I ignore, but a little of it I finally see and may even take time to acknowledge. Thanks God! Maybe Easter really is for all.