Saturday, August 15, 2015

Randi Sundet Griner 

SEPT 14th, 1957 - AUG 17th, 2005 

Marking Ten Years

This is an invitation to participate in remembering.

A remarkable women, friend, daughter, sister, wife, mother and colleague.

Randi truly was an amazing woman whose love for the arts, belief in the good of people, and faith in God blended together to give, advocate, create and work. I am honored to have known her for thirty years, married for 25 of those. 

The Sundet family, Nathan, Nick and myself are inviting friends and family to participate  within the next year by dedicating a service project of your choosing. Something you already do, or something you would like to enter into. Something based on one of the 40-Developmental Assets. 

Most likely if you volunteer at most anything your work and passion already connects to one of these assets! Keep doing what you are doing and dedicate it to Randi. 

OR… choose a new project, something you would love to do as a volunteer this next year.

Randi worked at Search Institute, an amazing organization that researches and identifies the building blocks that youth need to succeed.

The 40 Developmental Assets  <CLICK>
    Note you can click on “Take Action” under each asset for ideas.

In short, this research has turned the attention from assuming youth have problems that we need to fix to instead working on creating the positive assets that allow youth to thrive. It is a wonderful ongoing project. If you are not familiar, take a look at this amazing list.

We are inviting everyone to dedicate an “Asset Building Project” between AUG 17th 2015 and AUG 17th 2016.

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Love to see what you are doing. Share pictures, 

Give us some updates! Your plans.


Cindy said...

I honored Randi's memory by volunteering at Simply Jane Art Studio in Minneapolis.It's a wonderful nonprofit that helps kids believe "everyone is a fabulous artist".I helped the teacher with 11 students ranging from K-6 to paint their interpretation of Van Gogh's Starry Night. It was truly a fulfilling adventure and one I think Randi would have enjoyed. We both loved art very much. It was so much fun seeing how each student enjoyed painting and were so proud of their pieces.

David Kittleson said...

One summer in the late 1970's Randi and I stayed a week extra at camp to earn some spending money for college. Late in the afternoon after burning some disgusting stuffed furniture from the staff lounge Randi suggested we drive into Strawberry Point and buy a cantaloupe and bring it back to camp. I wasn't much of a fruit eater (I'm better now) but agreed. We cut it in half, scooped out the seeds, and filled the hollow part with vanilla ice cream. (I've always been a fan of ice cream) Then we sat outside Cedar Lodge on the benches and had a refreshing treat. I had never had it before, and still enjoy it today.

Flash forward ahead to the summer of 2016. I was a camp grandpa at Ewalu and camped with Mark and Jill Davidson at family camp for a couple of nights.They often host a staff supper on Friday evening after counsellors finish work projects. I asked Mark if we could drive into Strawberry Point. Now you know where this is going... They had 3 cantaloupes in Strawberry Point, which I bought along with 2 buckets of vanilla ice cream. I told the story of Randi and I enjoying cantaloupe and ice cream after burning stuffed furniture, and we served cantaloupe and ice cream to the staff of 45-50 guests. Many commented that they had never had them together before and it was very refreshing. No cantaloupe leftover.

Jared Tebben said...

Randi was a great gal. I only had the privilege of knowing her for one week. Yes, Camp EWALU. 8th grade. Backpacking in the UP of Michigan. I still remain best friends of her cousins, the triplets.